Some of the our researches

Olive-The Intelligent Robotic suitcase

The intelligent suitcase can communicate with your smart phone and share its weight and position. Self-locking system with NFC technology helps to secure your baggage everywhere.

It can see you through its 3D vision sensor and follow you when you are walking. A nimble move using two-wheel self-balancing active locomotion system helps you to be faster and also it can be a scooter-case and is able to carry you.

It is your personal robotic companion during the travel and Olive is the world's first intelligent suitcase.

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Si-ro (inspection and operation modular robot)

Si-ro is one of IKAPís best and comprehensive robots, when modular design is a major concern. This powerful and versatile Robot with a broad range of capabilities cad be used effectively in different operations and places such as inspection, discovery projects, mechanical projects, inaccessible places like inside the pipeline networks, channels and vessels, hazardous places like radioactive and bacterial contaminated places, flammable areas and etc.

One of Si-roís distinctive properties is its powerful motion system equipped with tracks. This motion mechanism makes it possible to move on smooth surfaces as well as rough ones.

Wi-cam (pipeline inspection modular robot)

Wi-cam robot is used to inspect pipeline networks and is equipped with four wheel drive mechanism. It is designed and manufactured based on wicam robotic platform. This robot has the ability to move properly and effectively in pipeline networks and simultaneously sending their inspection information to the inspection software.

The main purpose of design for this robot is to carry out special inspection missions in water and sewage industries in according to their current standards.

Tank Dredging Robot

This robot has been designed in response to a challenge introduced by Amirkabir University in Tehran. The basis to design this robot in ability to dredge tank surfaces which are under fluid pressure. Advanced technologies such as positioning, environment recognition, antistatic materials, anti-spark materials, and pneumatic drives have been used in designing different parts of this robot.

However, due to investment problems, its production has stopped in prototyping stage.


Today, many robots have been designed and made in order to inspect and operate in pipe networks. ikap has also produced some types. These robots usually pass through pipe networks and inspect the network. However, using these robots, especially in networks which are outside the earth surface such as petrochemical and refinery networks, is not economical and faces challenges regarding the type of the fluid exists in these conditions.

Kuala is an inspector robot suitable for networks located outside the earth. This robot works with suspended chassis and magnetic drive and can pass through the outer surface of pipes and perform inspection operation in a nondestructive way.


This robot is a conceptual plan designed to solve the problems of underground pipe networks of SHAZAND Chemical Plant.

It can move inside the fluid containing pipes and inspect the condition of the network for probable defects. An important factor in designing this robot has been the ability of the robot to move in the network without any negative effects on the hydrolic and dynamic properties of the fluid, so that the inspection process is done conveniently.


In this project we present our work on the electrical and hardware design of the mobile robot platform ReMoRo that is based on distributed input/output modules. The goal of this project was to develop a low-cost and robust but extensible modular robot platform for research and educational purpose.

In this project we propose a new structure that enables large-scale innovative, new curriculum, multi robot research and multi-robotics outreach to robotics and artificial intelligent students. We introduce the ReMoRo platform which offers a balance between capabilities, accessibility, cost and an opendesign.

Operational Robots

Robots used in pipe networks are usually designed for inspection of networks and rarely for doing operations such as reparation of inaccessible networks. in ikap, few robots have been designed and made in order to do complementary tasks such as repair and cut, paste injection, painting and coating, cleaning, and dredging.

We hope that, by investments of private sector, these practical products will be utilized in the industry.