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Sewer Pipe Inspection Robot.
What is advanced condition assessment?

Advanced condition assessment is the application of industry leading measurement technologies for the purpose of objectively determining the condition of pipe infrastructure. Wicam Technology currently employs 4 sensors: CCTV, LiDAR, Sonar, and PPR. These sensors are most commonly deployed via remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) or custom built inspection platforms.

Wicam, Portable Pipe Inspection Robot

Wicam robot can be used to inspect pipeline networks and is equipped with four wheel drive mechanism. It is designed and manufactured based on wicam robotic platform. This robot has the ability to move properly and effectively in pipeline networks and simultaneously send its inspection information to the inspection software. The main design purpose of this robot is to carry out special inspection missions in water and sewer industries in accordance to their current standards.


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About IKAP

IKAP Robotics laboratories, began it’s activity in the year 2011. IKAP initially started it’s work with the goal of designing and producing hazardous environment robotics...

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