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Unlimited Telepresence!

Today, utilizing Web-based tools for purposes of virtual presence is widespread. Participating in different types of scientific conferences, administrative meetings, and even visual group contacts are among the most frequent uses of this technology in human life. However, our main idea is a remarkable change in virtual presence. It is changing the traditional tools and transforming a lifeless and static relationship into a mobile and dynamic communication with high usability and extensive features for people.

For the first time, web-based virtual presence in sky! Solomon is a semi-smart drone which can be controlled hundreds of miles away through the internet enabling people to navigate from any part of the world and communicate with each other. With appropriate dynamic design and a unique camera with a 360-degree vision, this robot can make a wonderful aerial visit possible. Solomon does not carry your cell phone, but it has similar capabilities to a cell phone. Installing a SIM card and using of web-based communication is one of the main features of this smart robot. You can control and direct your Solomon everywhere you are or share this ability with your friends. By Solomon, you can make audio and video calls at the same time and communicate with others during the flight. You can also share your experience and information about the flight in a social network and get your friends feedback.

Employees similar to a bee!

Suppose you are building a huge building and your engineers and managers have to go up and down the building using incomplete stairs and elevators. This is absolutely a difficult and dangerous task. Or some of your engineers might be on a mission or have a few days off and due to some unexpected events, they must be present at the project site. Your internal managers, engineers, inspectors, and employees might be absent one day. A day when the company needs them. Just trust Solomon...
A permanent and unlimited cooperation.

We Designed Smarter and Highly Usable Drone!

Solomon is equipped with ultrasound sensors and capable of identifying different types of obstacles. Also, this robot has features such as self-stability, smart program to fly home, safety parachute, and a protective guard made of soft composite. Solomon’s light weight and fully dynamic design of narrow 1-inch edges offer a fast, stable, and fully safe flight.
Solomon offers an unlimited pleasant virtual presence for every member of the family. You will be able to navigate through the beach, mountain, or jungle beside your family from hundreds of miles away. You will be able to participate in their games and happiness. Be next to each other in all moments!


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About IKAP

IKAP Robotics laboratories, began it’s activity in the year 2011. IKAP initially started it’s work with the goal of designing and producing hazardous environment robotics...

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