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Pipeline Modular Inspection Robot

From drinking water to crude oil, sewage to radioactive material, pipelines are used around the world to transport a variety of contents every day. It’s no secret that millions of miles of pipeline infrastructure are operating beyond their intended design life with no, or very limited, condition information. Prone to damage by corrosion, cracking and potential design flaws, pipelines require regular remote visual inspection to help ensure structural integrity and regulation compliance as well as verify the remaining useful life of infrastructure. IKAP’s Multi-Mission Modular (Siro) technology assists with improving practical planning, reducing operating and safety risks, and increasing profitability for pipeline owners internationally.

Siro, Multi-Mission Modular Robot

Siro is one of IKAP’s best and most comprehensive robots, when modularity is the major concern. This powerful and versatile Robot with a broad range of capabilities can be utilized effectively in different situations and scenarios such as inspection, discovery projects, mechanical projects, inaccessible places like inside the pipeline networks, channels and vessels, hazardous places such as radioactive and bacterial contaminated zones, flammable areas and etc. One of Si-ro’s distinctive properties is its powerful locomotion system equipped with rubber tracks. This motion mechanism makes Siro an all terrain robot.


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About IKAP

IKAP Robotics laboratories, began it’s activity in the year 2011. IKAP initially started it’s work with the goal of designing and producing hazardous environment robotics...

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