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Innovation In Motion Gives Life to The World's Lightest Suitcase.

Reuleo is a smart robotic suitcase, powered by a capable processor and artificial intelligence. Reuleo is also connected via Wi-Fi to your smart phone; this provides you with a wide range of applications. You can fill it with your clothes and belongings. You can move it or rotate it however you want, but you will never feel the weight. All you need to do is to touch the handlebar.

Suitcases are one of the most commonly used travel accessories worldwide and many travellers struggle with having to carry and manoeuvre the luggage. Our solution is to motorize all four Omni wheels of Reuleo suitcase to create a weightless feel for the user. Reuleo has an intelligent control system that powers the motorized Omni wheels and, in conjunction with the environment monitoring system, makes the suitcase feel weightless - as if it's levitating. Another one of Reuleo's features is its ability to follow you wherever you go. This technology is robust and even works in crowded environments.
Nevertheless, if you feel that you are not comfortable with this feature, you can just touch the Reuleo's Smart Handle to de-activate its weightless mode so that you can have full control over its movements. The transition from follow mode to weightless mode is very smooth and seamless and you will not notice it happening. This unique feature is made possible with our innovative patented 6 DOF touch system technology that is incorporated in the smart handle of the Reuleo suitcase.

Smart Weightlessness.
Flow Instead of Carry.

MOBILITY AND MOVEMENT: Reuleo's most unique feature is the way it moves, and how it decides to maneuver in a crowded environment. Due to it's weightlessness, Reuleo completely eliminates the fatigue resulting from the transportation of a passenger's belongings during a trip. At the same time the user can use Reuleo in Follow mode, in this case, there is no need to even touch the suitcase. The passengers will also be able to use Reuleo as a Scooter Case for small trips.
SOFTWARE AND STATICS: Reuleo responds to all the needs of a traveler. There are various hardware and software features that are easy to use. One of the most notable features in Reuleo's Design is the intrusive and anti-theft security system, which includes a dual-lock mechanism, locator and distance monitoring system.


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