An intelligent companionship

In IKAP we believe in improving the hidden challenges and difficulties of today's busy, day to day life. Complex challenges that are difficult to identify in the first place. Our answer to complexities: simplicity. Wherever and whenever there’s a need for transporting heavy objects, you can rely on IKAP Robotics. With our products the heavy lifting is done with all the brain and none of the brawn. With IKAP's products, you can easily save time and energy, do things faster and be more efficient. With our state of the art robotics the task of moving heavy objects in day to day tasks becomes a breeze, so you can arrive at your destination without a sweat.
It’s our privilege to be by your side.


IKAP : Introducing new design of intelligent suitcases.

Reuleo is the result of the changes and modifications we made in a previous robotic suitcase that we made in the year 2015, the intelligent "Olive robot suitcase". By focusing on the needs of the passengers we came up with newer and more effective ideas. Read More...

  • Movement Abilities.
  • Trucking Functionalities.
  • ios/Android Application.
  • Other Useful Specifications.

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