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Reuleo(Robotic Intelligent Suitcase - version two)

october 2017

Reuleo is Ikap's Newest invention. It is an intelligent robotic suitcase with innovative design and state if the art technology inside, and is at its final prototyping stage. Our/Ikap's engineers, with years of experience in design and production of various robots for hazardous environments, decided to combine robotics with everyday life, and make life easier and simpler for everyone.

Suitcases are one of the most used day to day objects of today's world that have been designed the same way since their invention. their design has not been up to pace with modern day technological advancements. Nevertheless different companies all around the world have been trying to come up with new innovative designs for their suitcases by adding solar panels or external batteries to their suitcases, which not only increases the weight and price of the suitcase, it also does not help with the main philosophy of a suitcase: to easily carry objects around.

In the year 2016 , Ikap introduced Olive, the worlds first truly intelligent suitcase. and changed the way the world looked at suitcases by revealing their hidden potentials in transportation and adaptability to a society that is moving faster everyday. Even though Olive was a success, we decided to perfect the design even more and use the experiences that we gained from designing Olive to design and produce the ultimate suitcase, Reuleo . Reuleo will change the way we think of suitcases.


Olive (Robotic Intelligent Suitcase)

may 24,2016

The intelligent suitcase can communicate with your smart phone and share its weight and position. Self-locking system with NFC technology helps to secure your baggage everywhere.

It can detect individuals through the use of its 3D vision sensor and follow a moving target. Olive uses a two-wheel self-balancing active locomotion system to help you be faster, and more efficient. Last but not least, it can be a scooter-case which is able to carry you.

Olive is the perfect personal robotic companion for traveling and is the world's first intelligent suitcase. More information: www.oliverobotics.com


Siro (inspection and operation modular robot)


Siro is one of IKAP’s best and most comprehensive robots, when modularity is the major concern. This powerful and versatile Robot with a broad range of capabilities can be utilized effectively in different situations and scenarios such as inspection, discovery projects, mechanical projects, inaccessible places like inside the pipeline networks, channels and vessels, hazardous places such as radioactive and bacterial contaminated zones, flammable areas and etc.

One of Si-ro’s distinctive properties is its powerful locomotion system equipped with rubber tracks. This motion mechanism makes Si-ro an all terrain robot.


Wi-cam (pipeline inspection modular robot)


Wi-cam robot can be used to inspect pipeline networks and is equipped with four wheel drive mechanism. It is designed and manufactured based on wicam robotic platform. This robot has the ability to move properly and effectively in pipeline networks and simultaneously send its inspection information to the inspection software.

The main design purpose of this robot is to carry out special inspection missions in water and sewer industries in accordance to their current standards.




In this project we present our work on the electrical and hardware design of the mobile robot platform ReMoRo that is based on distributed input/output modules. The goal of this project was to develop a low-cost and robust but extensible modular robot platform for research and educational purposes.

In this project we proposed a new structure that enables large-scale innovative, new curriculum, multi robot research and multi-robotics outreach to robotics and artificial intelligent students. We introduce the ReMoRo platform which offers a balance between capabilities, accessibility, cost and an opendesign.