Few Words About Us

IKAP Laboratory is completely independent funded by private sector. This center began its activities in 2008 in Arak city in Markazi province. Then it was located in Pardis Technology Park in Tehran. Major activities of this center first included research and designing different moving-arm robots and versatile multi-purpose robots. Then, the activities focused more on advanced and practical modular robots usable in dangerous and inaccessible conditions.

Some of the best engineers and scientists from different fields of study and expertise, including robotics, mechanics, electronics and software, work in ikap lab. These people are indeed members of the National Elite Foundation who work as an integrated and coherent team. Using creativity and knowledge in designing and building practical robots is a major principal in this company.

During recent years, many types of practical robots in different fields have been designed and introduced. After incorporating a knowledge-based company, some of these research activities will be introduced to market.
These productions include advanced robotic equipments used in operations such as tele presence, instrumentation, ROVs, and educational and expert services.

    So far, different productions and services have been introduced to consumption markets. This response to customers demands will go on.
    But some other projects of this center such as practical robots in dangerous situations as well as multi-purpose flexible robots have not yet been mass produced due to poor economic conditions, lack of risk-taking investors and domestic production constraints in Iran. Therefore, they are expecting to reach international prospects.

    Our motivation is to improve the difficult work and life conditions by making practical robots. We have actualized this target by making goals and appropriate planning.
    We will also have stronger steps in our way. One of our most important goals is producing robots and marketing them internationally. In this way, we will try to attract international investments and create production conditions in different parts of the world in order to reach the ideal of serving human being.