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Be with us, from a childhood dream to a great change!

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Creative Robotics Recruitment

We are transforming knowledge and Art to practical and reliable products and technologies. These products include robots which
introduce a wide range of services to your work and life by being present whenever and position you need them.


Our Activities in IKAP Laboratory

Creating Ideas

"A simple solution to solve a big problem is valuable".
However building robots has its own complexities, in ikap, we are continuously trying to put small and simple ideas together in order to perform big tasks"

Design and Analyze

"The designing process in ikap is done by our creative and active engineers. These activities are done using the experience from several experiments and accurate calculations before designing and production and finally modeled and analyzed in advanced software."

Test & Development

"After prototyping each idea, its results will be experimented and analyzed. The resulted findings will be more tangible and accurate. However, we can follow our developmental trend in our future productions."